Girl Bosses That Rock

You may have noticed some changes around here. Monno Life has a brand new look and with that a new vibe. 

Everyone has heard the saying “Beauty is only skin deep” well I half agree with that. Something has been missing with Monno Life for a while as it all felt a bit too superficial and with a rebrand and rebirth I’d like to proudly say that monno life is here to make you feel beautiful inside and out. Here to empower women (& men), which has brought me today to share with you the Girl Bosses that truly rock and have made a real impact with my rebrand and journey. Some of which have no idea how much they helped me get here. Ladies, I salute you. Without your wisdom and hard work I wouldn’t have found myself here. Thank you!

Krista Dickinson – Blog Beautifully
Krista is from over the pond, an all american gal, with bundles of  knowledge in the blogging world. Her website, Facebook group, free downloads, extra bonus content and of course “The blogging babe’s handbook” all helped massively in this launch. What I needed to do, how to actually make my blog suffient and align it with my goals. Insane amounts of gratitude to Krista. If you haven’t check out her blog or FB group, I highly recommend you do as I haven’t met another blogger quite like Krista.

Cerries Mooney – Cerries Mooney
Cerries was actually a recommended by Krista at literally the most perfect time.
I had literally zero knowledge on Alchemy and I still don’t really have the real history to it but Cerries free test was a true god send in helping me rediscover myself and my brand, which pointed me in the right direction. I met a whole new world in her Facebook group and discovered so many people looking for answers within themselves and their business. Truly inspiring, supportive people from around the globe. There’s so much from Cerries that I’ve learnt in her two tests and Facebook groups that have lead me down a wider road of self discovery. For this I am truly grateful! 

Kelcie Scahill – Freckles
I’m a little biased with this one, I have to be honest as we’ve been friends since we was like 10 years old (or maybe even before then) My business partner and friend, kudos to you for having to listen to my stress-outs and being so secretive about what I’ve actually been doing. If it wasn’t for this girl, I probably wouldn’t even be here writing this. I would probably have settled at having a mediocre life. If it wasn’t for your wanderlust, jet setting and showing me how to enjoy life that little bit more then this just wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you!

Latasha Booth –Tasha b solutions

Latasha was literally my knight in shining armour. As entrepreneurs and creators, we tend to get very protective of our creations. However, when you’ve really piled your plate too high and attempting to learn everything within the space of a month. It’s just not going to happen. In stricken panic I had come to terms with handing over one of my key tasks. That was when I found Latasha, she was super professional, straight forward in what I was asking for. She literally set up a call with me instantly with a week deadline. Latasha helped create my wonderful email series and has been an absolute dream, she’s from over the pond and made it work so easily between the time zones. It was pretty cool to go to sleep and wake up and have work done. I couldn’t have done it without her and if you’re thinking about hiring a Virtual Assistant. I highly recommend Latasha!

I have so many more ideas that I want to share with you all, for now here is an extra free bonus. A free printable skincare guide with 5 top skincare tips to help keep you and your skin in tip top shape! I’ve also added an extra special download in day 3, a little hint this once is for a tip top mind,  Enjoy!

Printable Guide for Your Skincare Routine

Thanks for reading

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