• 3 TV series to sink your teeth into this weekend

    3 TV series to sink your teeth into this weekend

    I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now and making changes to my blog, which I might do an update post on soon. I’m a big online TV and Movie lover, I manage to watch a fair amount being a big home-body. I’m always hearing people saying what should I watch next, we want to start a new series. I’ve got plenty of suggestions which may come in a later post. For now, what am I watching lately and whats hot.

    Warning this post contains some spoilers


    Jessica Jones – Netflix original
    I thought I would start with something I haven’t heard much hype for. I mean I know it hasn’t become a bandwagon show and it really deserves a massive shout out. Recently it fair to say that there are more and more superheroes on screen in recent years than ever before. In the mainstream media and making it huge. So its no surprise that Neflix have brought out and promised more superhero TV series. Yay! Back to Jessica Jones, this is a pretty dark series as the main character Jessica Jones as a private investigator which a very head strong, physically strong, independent attitude. Wearing tough leathers and not following society’s rules, with her hard, bad-ass attitude she has a caring side that you gradually see develop throughout the series. As the story unfolds, we learn that someone from Jessica’s past is lingering around and it really starts to become increasingly difficult to stop watching. Its a bit of an action packed, crime series with a superhero edge. A must watch!
    If you hadn’t seen the shed load of promotion for when this first came out then I doubt you know that David Tennant stars in this as the villain. Bonus , plus if your a big comic book fan then there will also be a defenders series coming soon also starring Jessica Jones.  I’m awaiting Season 2 to be filmed and aired but in the mean time.. enjoy!

    orange is the new black



    Orange is the New Black – Netflix original
    I’ve watched all of the 3 seasons available on Netflix, but I waived on whether to watch this series at first as I thought it was something completely different. A prison drama, just about women all hard edge and a bit cringe worthy? I was so wrong, I mean the whole vibe is different. It’s a bit of a dark comedy, where you get to learn about each prisoners stories every now and then. Whilst following the current life within the prison. You become completely invested in each of the characters stories. However the main character is Piper, who I can’t quite agree with but it is in-fact based on a real woman’s story of how a relatively wealthy, sheltered woman ended up making the wrong turn and found herself in prison. There are some real knee slapping moments within this and of course a lot of drama.

    *warning spoiler if you haven’t already seen seasons 1-3*


    Fast forward to season 3 we was left at the point where the prison had just turned under new management, the security guard has confessed to the new manager that he is in-fact one of the prisoners baby daddy. Piper started a new criminal enterprise of ‘dirty underwear’ and selling them online. A lot of the security staff have left, all the prisoners escaped through the fence and made it to the lake to go for a swim, a truly brilliant and enlightening end to the season. All whilst there living arrangements are being transformed into bunk beds and a whole truck load of prisoners would be joining them after several early releases within lichfield prison.
    Pipers ex-lover Alex is now back in prison because of Piper ‘ratting’ her out that she has a gun. After Alex had taken a plea deal to get out and which left her vulnerable and at the scene where a prison guard was going to kill her.
    So much drama and with Pipers character becoming darker, who knows what Season 4 will bring. Which is now available on Netflix. I’ve been away so I haven’t watched it yet but I assume that once I’ve finished this post…thats what I’ll be doing the rest of the day!


    Game of Thrones – Now TV
    I feel like this should come at the top of the post but I mean I’m going to save the best till last. Literally, if you actually haven’t watched Game of Thrones or you watched a couple of episodes and decided it wasn’t for you… I absolutely urge you to commit to a whole season. There is serious reason for the global hype it receives and its really not a jumped up bandwagon, climb aboard my friend its a journey you really shouldn’t miss out on. I’m also slightly jealous of all those that are only just starting to watch it as I would love to watch it all again with the unknowing of all the twists and turns, rise and falls of the story lines. Let me set the scene (as best as I can), Game of Thrones is a realm made up of the seven kingdoms. Mainly focusing upon Westeros, which have several nobel houses (families) have fought for the throne for thousands of years. Hence the title Game of Thrones. I have found that what makes this so enjoyable from following so many characters story lines is that there is a little history to the series just droplets of the past with the ruling of Kings and Queens, Wars and Folklore. Absolutely love it.

    *Warning Spoiler alert for those who are not up to date*


    Fastforward, We are on the edge of our seats with the finale episode for Season 6 on Sunday 26th June or Monday 27th June in the UK. With rating that are through the roof on  a record high even at its 6th season. It’s really going to be a huge episode.
    Lets recap the battle of the bastards and what to expect in the season finale! With the last episode being the most expensive of the season !
    Jon Snow and Ramsey Bolton battle it out for the Starks and Snow to win back Winterfell. Jon was literally about to loose as the Boltons used the classic Roman battle move. Entrapping the wildlings who have barely any organised, regimented battle experience were piling high. Until of course Sansa brought her secret weapon.. Little finger and the Vales army. Then feeding Ramsey to the dogs. Stark banners flying high on Winterfells walls again. Sweet victory but who knows what Little finger has planned for saving in them. Maybe he’ll be the next big villain? as we’re kind of short at the moment.
    Dany comes back flying… pardon the pun. Yes she’d come back in the knick of time when the masters had return to rage war. Then showing them who’s boss, I mean really, she has dragons did they really think they was going to win. Then she met Yara and Theon Greyjoy, who seemed to negotiate some terms and hold more support for her return to power in Westeros

    Next episode questions…
    Will Ayra return home.. To Winterfell and when am I going to see that wolf again!? Now would be the perfect time.
    Is Danny going to make a move yet or what? She’s still not in Westerns but I suppose they are still all children fighting for the throne.
    Is Cersi finally going to be locked away? Since she’s no longer able have a trial by combat. Tommen certainly won’t be able to save her whatever her fate may be.. that much is clear. Margery is defiantly up to something but I’m not sure I care too much for that in the finale. I’d rather something thats been brewing for a while. or maybe Margery will have the sense to kill the bloody sparrow because quite frankly he’s pretty annoying.
    Are we going to see Bran again? His storyline is defiantly the one with the most answers.. especially since he screwed over Hodor and sent him muttering the same words over and over again. Since there are other characters that have been sent into madness, it would be interesting. Plus why didn’t he go back to the tower so we can find out who Jon Snows parents are. It’s clear from day dot that its not Ned Stark but for sure he’s a bastard.
    Davos finally found out about the red woman killing Stannis’ daughter, that should be interesting.
    I’m so fricking excited!


    Thanks for reading ! I would love to hear some suggestions for What to watch!

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