5 Must-Have Editing Apps For Your Iphone 

Without fail everyone has come to this crossroad of scrolling through their FB, Instagram, Pinterest or other various social media platforms to stare in awe of the beautiful images shared. Resulting in an immediate amount of girl crushes, follows, likes and generally wondering of how do they live their life like this or how is that shot so picture perfect?!

Many of us assume that a high quality camera and some serious tech skills are needed but my friend, I’m here to tell you, you’re wrong. Taking photo’s on your smart phone or tablet is SO doable and if I can do it, you can certainly do it, I covered this in a previous post here. Have a read before you go out and splurge on loads of equipment, software, lighting etc as you may find that you need to practice a fair amount before you splurge.

Now let’s get down to editing shall we and what my top apps to use are. I’ve placed a before and after below of an example of a something I’ve edited and shot on my iphone/ipad.


The app store is filled to the brim of editing software, there are tons and tons of apps that you can use to enhance your image or even completely transform it. I’m just going to cover my favourites and some I’ve been recommended.

Photoshop Express – General Editing
This is my go to, if I could only choose one app for editing my photos it would be Photoshop Express. The app offers 2 options; edit images and make collage. I mainly use it for editing but making a collage does come in handy from time to time.
1. Clarity – A touch on the clairity so the image is slightly clearer on 27
2. Reduce Noise- I moved this up to about 26
3. Defog – (42)
4. Exposure- The image is a little dark for my liking and I always like a high exposure (50)
5. Saturation – 28
6. Contrast- 25
7. Highlights – 6
8. Tempreture – I always take the tempreture down in my photos as I find blue always works better than yellow/orange hues (-11)
9. Tint- (4)
10. Vibrance – I pull this right up to perk up the image (45)

VSCO Cam – Angles
I’ve heard lots of Instagramers absolutely rave about VSCO cam as it really helps set a theme for your Instagram account. Not only that but you can edit the angle of your image so you can create the perfect flat lay by using the horizontal and vertical tools. You can use the filters to create themes, it also offers a couple of features on the contrast and brightness but personally I usually prefer other apps for this, but sometimes I find this works quite well.

Filter – T1
Crop – 2:3
Horizontal Perspective – Move to the right one notch
Vertical Perspective – Slightly right

Photoshop Fix- Lighting and fixing 

I mainly use this to tweek my images and for the purpose of this post I have gone widely overboard as the picture as you can tell is over edited on the road. For this I used:

Healing tool – Spot healing, patch tool and clone stamp. Clone stamp is best if you’re looking for a small area to replace for example removing a logo on a product
Light tool- this is perfect for brightening certain parts of an image if they appear a tad dull and is certainly one of my favourite tools to use.
Defocus – I used this on the middle of the image for the distance to fade out or the far right corners
An alternative I use for this app is facetune as you can pretty much use similar tools on any of your shots and not just for your face.

Adobe Mix – Placing logos 

I love using this for placing my logo on top of my images and dropping the opacity so it appears more of a watermark. I also use this for adding a fun texture on top of my beauty images. Such as the one below.









Canva – Creating Advertisements 

I find this the perfect on the go app to creating artwork for my social media and advertising. It can really enhance the image and make a quick promotional material for you and your business.  It only does it provide tons of free templates for a variety of standard sizes for various social media sites you can also create basic logos with it. Even though I have the full adobe suite, I find this app much quicker and easier to use for creating basic artwork on the go rather than waiting to get home and fire up the laptop it’s definitely the quicker & cheaper method I recommend. Although it doesn’t quite have the precision I would like and I think it’s more precise on a laptop and I wouldn’t bother then, but I love it and it’s easy to create pinnacle artwork for your blog posts like the one below.

I hope you found his helpful and don’t forget to leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading





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13 thoughts on “5 Must-Have Editing Apps For Your Iphone 

  1. I don’t use any of these! I mainly use Colourstory and Facetune, I’ll have to have to have a look at these, they sound amazing!

    Jessica Jade

  2. I. Love. This. Post. This is so helpful! Are the apps free or do some of them require payment? I still can’t believe you’re taking these pictures from your phone or ipad! It’s incredible. LOVE the background you added – I didn’t know that was possible to add from a simple phone app. I am definitely going to have to check out all the apps you listed! Thanks so much for posting. <3


    1. Awh thank you so much ! I believe you can get some of them for free or a trail version ! Thank you hope this helps in the future x

  3. This is so damn useful! I am bookmarking for sure.

  4. I’ve been loving Canva!

  5. I had no idea some of these existed!!I always used VSCO but I feel like you just opened up my photo editing skills!!

  6. Wow, thank you! I’d heard of exactly two of those, and I thought I knew stuff. Ha!

  7. I had no idea you could do this! This will help me so much thanks!

  8. Oops I meant PicTapGo! ^^

  9. This is awesome! I am always looking to find great photo editing apps. I always use VSCO cam and TapPicGo (saves your filters so you are able to edit every photo the same – such a handy feature!). Will definitely be checking out these other ones!

  10. OMG! WHY HAVE I NOT KNOWN ABOUT THESE! Thank you! TOTALLY going to try them out! I loved editing photos! YAY!! thanks for the awesome advice!

  11. VSCO is my favorite. One of my photographer friends was using it as a hashtag on a lot of his photos, so I downloaded it and LOVE IT. I’m going to check out these other apps you listed, too. Can’t have too many editing tools! (:

  12. Loved this photo editing tips! I’m going to download them and start playing around with them a bit. I’m currently using a Color Story, which I love. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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