• 5 tips before advertising your blog

    5 tips before advertising your blog

    Thinking about advertising for web and not sure how to go about it? In any business there comes a point where you may decide whether you want to advertise or not. It can get a little confusing of what you want or need and what is going to work best for you. From my knowledge of creating these advertisements and a little extra research, there are several options and recommendations I have put together for you to choose from. 

    Before we go into the nitty gritty of sizes and advertisement types, there are 5 things I would like you to consider before choosing an advert.

    1. What is your aim or what are you hoping to achieve
    2. Keep your advert simple and be clear what you’re promoting
    3. Be mindful of your budget
    4. Where is your advert going to be placed?
    5. Who should you advertise with and how will advertising with them benefit you?

    MPU or Medium Rectangle


    An MPU looks like this and stands for Midpage unit. It is usually created as a square and placed in the side bar or sometimes within the body of website. Ultimately that’s up to the business your placing the advert with or possibly you! So make sure you ask as ideally you want to be located ‘above the fold’ (relatively near the top of the website). MPU’s are great if you want to show an exclusive offer and you can also embed a video into this size, but thats getting a bit too technical.
    The standard size for an MPU is usually 300 x 250 pixels. This is a fairly medium size web advert and you can use utilise this in many ways. Don’t forget you can always make your advert into a gif to show more than one aspect. 



    A skyscraper is the type of advertisement is usually placed at either side of the main content of your website. This type of advert does not matter as much as to where it is place as it takes up a fair amount of room and usually seen more whilst scrolling. Giving the viewer that little bit of extra time to see the ad. With a Skyscraper you want to keep the advert quite bold and simple as to gain attention but for the viewer not to be too confused as to what you’re promoting.
    Skyscraper advert sizes can differ in size but its best to get 160 x 600 pixels (a wide skyscraper) as any smaller and its not as effective, due to it being quite skinny. However its your choice and the smaller one is usually 120 x 600 pixels.













    A leaderboard ad, used to be a double banner ad (or so I’m told). Leaderboards are mostly at the top of the page, you’ve definitely seen them above the website header. Meaning that they are generally seen first by the viewer and can become quite pricy but can be one of the most successful ad (hence the price). However some sites do but the ad in the footer of the website so if you are paying a hefty sum, make sure its for the top of the page. Leaderboard sizes are generally 728 x 90 pixels, quite a nice size.



    Banner ad’s can be quite useful, although they are relatively small in size, they can be very direct, I would recommend using this if you’re a blogger and you’re advertising on another bloggers site to promote your own blog. As it will look simple and quite cute but keep this as basic as possible using your brand colour scheme, logo and tag line. So this way the viewer, i.e me will see your advert will instantly know your name/blog name, your style and what you talk about, then click and I’m on your blog. Banner adverts are usually 234 x 60 pixels but probably the most varied in size !



    Buttons as you can see above (120×90) is relatively small and usually an added ‘bonus‘ if you’ve already bought an advert with the site holder. In most cases they should be free or would benefit both business’s to show that you are affected with each other in someway. For example if you’re a blogger and you collaborate with another blogger on a regular basis/guest post for a site. I think its quite handy to advertise that in your side bar. This way anyone viewing your blog/site can see that instantly and in theory then check out all your blog posts together and potentially become a regular reader of these posts. However if you are in a position that you want to pay for this advert, just remember that you should not pay a lot of money for this and that there should be added benefits to this. For example if you advertise with then and the website/blog owner will review or do an interview and will promote you in other ways then this is probably worth it if thats you’re aim.

    It comes in several sizes, 120 x 90, 120 x 60, 88 x 31 pixels

    Double MPU


    A double MPU can come under many names however it is exactly what it says on the tin. Just two of the MPU’s we talked about earlier. This type of advertisement is not as common as MPU’s however has the same benefits, if not more than a single MPU, for these reasons it is generally quite pricy. As this is one of the larger advertisements it is mainly used by sponsorship and therefore placed on every page. As this is such a large ad then it’s quite handy to make as an interactive of video ad, pretty handy for the youtube bloggers out there!

    A double MPU is generally 300 x 600 pixels











    Reskins typically act as a static background on the hosts website/blog. This one is the tricky one and I’m very particular with this as they can easily go/look wrong when in situ. In my personal opinion, I’m really not a fan as I think its so busy and distracting for the user. However if you are the advertiser they can be pretty successful as you really can miss it and people will click on it. I would suggest to only use or have a reskin if you are sponsored/sponsoring or affiliated with the brand. If you’re 100% into using or having a reskin then make sure it is tested first as sometimes they can be quite tricky but also make sure you have the budget and a designer. It’s not always necessary to have a designer and maybe I am biased being a Graphic Designer myself but they’ll really be able to create a high quality advertisement (which you need as its pretty large) and will be able to work out the kinks. If you are seriously considering this option and you’re unsure of your options, do some research on the topic look at other reskins on sites for design/style ideas.

    As I said there isn’t “one size fits all” with this one as everyones sites are set-up differently so contact the who you’re potentially advertising with and ask for their mechanical data/size guide.

    I hope this was helpful! and remember these are just recommendations, there are lots of different sizes and prices to choose from.

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