5 tips to quality photos with an Iphone or Ipad

This post started about how to edit photos but halfway through writing that post, I realised that really, I needed to cover taking photos. I would say with a lot of practice, I’ve certainly improved my photography skills. I used to take photos on an old canon camera but I rarely use this now as I find it’s not very quick and easy.

So I switched to using my ipad & iphone as I find the photos are perfect for instagram & web advertising as the resolution online. I find my Ipad is best for product shots but becomes pretty tricky for a selfie. Plus my ipad has more storage space than my iphone.


  1. Natural Lighting
    Natural lighting is so so so key. Taking your photo by a window with the light in front of yourself or the products you are taking pictures of. If natural lighting is shockingly bad then replace your lamp bulb with an LED bulb or purchase a ring light. There’s also lots of ways to make your own mini photo studio online, youtube and google are fantastic for this.
  2. Backdrop
    This can be a bit slightly painful but essentially an easy fix! The best background to use is a white background, light or something that will contrast the product but my personal choice is white. If you couldn’t tell from my instagram feed, I definitely favour white and has become more of a theme, plus I find it easier to edit with white.
    If you’ve chosen flat lay then I suggest a portable background such as flooring, white card or a table top. Something that you’ll be able to move to where the light is best within your house and lay on top of your floor or table.
    If you’re thinking selfies and products upright then find something you can really stylise or pin up on your wall behind to get a really nice, bright shot.
  3. Props
    Adding texture, colours and props that complement what you’re shooting. This will add to composition and makes it so much fun when experimenting. Start with things you may have around your home or invest in a few key pieces such as books, flowers etc.
  4. Focus
    Making sure your shot is in focus, you can do this by tapping on the screen for a yellow box to appear which will focus on the point of which you’ve touched. You can also adjust the lighting by dragging your finger up and down. The iphone 7 now has a cool feature on the camera where you can gain more depth to your photos where it blurs the background for you. If you don’t have this feature you can always get yourself an editing app that allows you to lightly blur the background giving the illusion of more depth.
  5.  Editing
    Finally you’ve taken some super awesome photo’s, you may be pretty skilled and don’t feel that you need to edit them but if you’re like me and live in a country with mostly rainy sky’s and the image is not quite bright enough. Then I will suggest editing and making your image lighter and brighter. A top free app that a lot of bloggers & instagramers use from your phone or ipad is VSCO and is great for filters and adjusting certain aspects of your image.














These are just some quick steps to getting a better image, if you’re interested in hearing more in depth let me know in the comments below and which topic you’d like to know more on.

Thanks for reading





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11 thoughts on “5 tips to quality photos with an Iphone or Ipad

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  2. Great tips! I’m working on taking better photos so I always like these kinds of posts!

    1. Awh brilliant! I’d love to see your new pics! X

  3. Great Tips! I am going to try VSCO…I have never tried it. Thanks 🙂

  4. These are awesome tips! I actually had a blog A LONG TIME AGO, and didn’t really focus on these things… but now, I make sure to take my photos around a certain window of the day when the light is good. It makes SUCH a big difference! I’m bad at props, but I’m trying haha (:

  5. These are great tips! I def need to find better backdrops for my pictures!

  6. I love this! I def need to up my instagram game so I will definitely keep these tips in mind. Thanks girl!

  7. Thank you for this! Since I don’t have a nice camera, my phone is all I have for now. I love natural light 🙂

  8. These are great tips! I love VSCO!

  9. Great tips! I can’t believe all your photos were just taken from your iPhone and iPad! They look amazing. Maybe I’ll have to start swapping out my DLSR for my phone on some simple flat lays. Thanks for the great post. ❤️


  10. Great tips! I really need to buy some props and start practicing on my flatlay photos hehe.


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