• April Favourites

    April Favourites

    I don’t know about you but April really took a hard hit on my bank balance. Its probably from all the new additions to my make-up and skincare collection and wow I’m super impressed by my new additions and had to share them with you all.

    april favourites

    Rodial Stem Cell Cleansing Cream
    This is a 2-in-1 cleanser and mask for dehydrated skin with stem cells, rose hip and vitamin e.
    I first heard of the Rodial brand from my mum, as she is raves about the super food moisturiser and it really has made a real difference to her skin. So when I spotted this gem as a freebee with Red magazine I had to buy it. I then told my mum about it and went back and bought two more. The full size is 200ml priced at £32 and is called Rodial Super food cleansing cream. I’m unsure as to why they have two different names as there is no other cleanser available in this range that I’m aware of. The sample size is 70ml and at £4 its a bargin!
    I’ve been using this by putting it straight onto my face whilst still having my make up on. It feels more like a thick moisturiser and very nourishing on the skin. Once you start working this into the skin, you can see the make up separating and breaking down. Once I see this that all the cleanser is really worked, I wash it off using a muslin cloth or a flannel if I want a slight exfoliation. Usually when I use a cleanser my skin either feels quite dry or oily. This does not, it feels like my skin is moisturised, I haven’t yet tried this as a mask but I think I’m going to give it a go when my skin is feeling really dehydrated as I think it will work really well.

    Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour £8.00
    This bad boy, I’ve been using near enough the whole month. Even though I only posted highstreet weakness a couple of days ago *oops* This has literally been on my lips everyday, it is so creamy and nourishing on my lips but its matte! Revelation. This doesn’t last all day but I don’t mind as I feel if it did then it would be quite dry and would crack where as this doesn’t. When it fades its not even noticeable and looks really natural. The shade is a mix between pink and brown, giving a really neutral tone to any make up look. I’m seriously obsessed with it at the moment and I applicator is actually really good.

    urban decay naked concealer

    the balm mary-lou manzier











    Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Concealer £17.50

    I finally jumped on the hype with this one as I really love a good concealer. I was in Manchester and finally visited several counters to see a few products I’ve been dying to try. I went to Urban Decay first and was in that mood where I was like screw it, I’m buying this. I bought the lightest shade available. I don’t think I could live without this, its so smooth, creamy and lightweight and its perfect to highlight my undereyes with. It literally helps give that flawless effect to the skin, I also know that its really worth it as the days I haven’t put it on. I can really tell that my skin doesn’t look on top form.

    Too Faced Hangover Primer £28.00
    Every time I saw this on social media or bloggers channels, I was getting serious envy as I can never find this product in store or there doesn’t seem to be a too faced counter in Essex and I’d have to go into London to buy their stuff. Sometimes its just not about that on a weekend. So this was another product I picked up whilst in Manchester. I was literally lingering round the too faced counter testing out a zillion of their products and the sales woman came over. She was super helpful, I then later found out that she’s the regional manger and travels across the UK to all the too faced counters. She also let me know that theres a too faced counter coming to Lakeside soon, I mean a proper one AHH so excited. So anyway after chatting to her, I wanted to try this and she also tried out the born this way foundation on me… unfortunately my shade was out of stock but I still bought the primer. I’ve really enjoyed using this as my skin feels quite plump after I’ve smoothed it all over my face. It really does give your skin a better base for your make up and I don’t find my make up seeping into my skin half way throughout the day.

    The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer £17.50
    I’m sure you’ve seen this crop up a million times, I have to admit. I’d seen this so much and I was a bit lit what it a the fuss about as I wasn’t that impressed by pictures of it in the pan. I think it was the reinforcement of seeing this soooo many times that I just had to try it. I also wanted to see it and swatch it in real life, rather than buy it online. Ohhhh wowza, when I seen it swatched I thought oo thats so pretty. Once I had it on… *gasp* It just had such a brilliant colour payoff and really does illuminate you. When I don’t have it on, I just feel flat and dull and it just really brings your face to life. I also love putting this in the corner of my eyes and the tops of my cheekbones. Seriously you need to try this out, the hype is real.

    Tweezermen Floral Mini Slant Tweezers
    I know bit of an odd one, I was in the market for some new tweezers as you can never have enough. Plus all I use on my eyebrows is tweezers and sometimes I feel as if I’m not quite grasping the hairs first time, making it so much longer and more painful process that it really needs to be. So I saw these in boots and thought I’ll give them a try as I heard they’re meant to be quite good. They are so sharp! I couldn’t believe it I had to really be careful but they’re so precise that it’s made eyebrow taming so much quicker and ariser to get the strays in the morning. You can also just pop them into your make up bag as they’re the perfect size.

    Tweezerman Skincare Tool
    Whilst picking up the tweezers I noticed this, I’d had a tools similar before but I’m not entirely sure what happened to it. I also find it quite intimidating but as my skin has been a little bit wild this month, I thought this would be really handy. Trouble is that, its really good and I went a bit too mad as I can finally get rid of those pesky blackheads. When you should really use this with caution as its only meant for when the blackhead or spot is ready to be extracted. So I’ve ended up with a bit of a scab on my nose. Which is probably now going to be a huge pore. Aside from that, its defiantly a new beauty staple but I would recommend using with caution.

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