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Bigger & Fuller without Needles

I’m sure you’ve seen it plastered all over your social media by now and if you haven’t… girllll where have you been? The hype train is back, with bigger fuller lips and I’m SO on board after religiously using this product since I purchased, this is for real too good to not share. Who am I kidding I booked my ticket as soon I heard the train would be pulling into the station.

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The Cult Beauty Box by Anna & Lily

Let me first state that I’ve never ordered anything from cult beauty, I have a list of things that I’ve wanted for a while now but haven’t quite mustered up the money to go and splurge and then not buy anything else for the rest of the month. BUT I then saw this box advertised several times and got myself on the waiting list straight away. I was desperate for it, but once it was live to buy. I hesitated and had a couple of days to think it over. £84 is a lot of money for one purchase, especially if they’re not everything you’ve chosen. So naturally I made a list of all the products in the box I was going to buy anyway, how much they are full size and if it wasn’t full size how much the sample would technically value too.

beauty box

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April Favourites

I don’t know about you but April really took a hard hit on my bank balance. Its probably from all the new additions to my make-up and skincare collection and wow I’m super impressed by my new additions and had to share them with you all.

april favourites

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Highstreet weakness

As I have a tendency to visit Superdrug on my lunch break, fairly frequently. I mean Boots I’m still you’re number one fan, Stan. There just isn’t one readily near my work and I think its time I just admit defeat and sign up to a superdrug card. I’m pretty sure I had one before but it’s well overdue for a new one. I mean think of all the points! anyway… after yet another trip I felt like it was one well worth it. I could feel it in my bones and that I was SUPER excited for was Sleek’s latest launch of their cream contour kit.

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glossy box april

Glossybox April

I can say without doubt I love this time of the month, as the Glossybox is here! This month I’ve decided that I’m going to post as soon as I can. More of a first impressions/quick try on. As I generally leave it till the end of the month but the weather has been so much brighter its been much easier to take pictures! woohoo. So I can say I was super excited as I already knew that the box would contain a new body shop product to try which I’m super excited about. So without Further ado…

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march beauty favourites

March Beauty Favourites

For the majority of this month, I’ve really felt the low point of my bank balance, for a number of reasons. I was pretty sure that I hadn’t really introduced anything new into my beauty routine or make-up bag. Then I had a look at what was new and what have been my absolute favourites this month. Turns out I have had a bit of spend up… oops! I think I seem to forget, as its usually not after payday and then the rest of the month I’m wondering why my funds are so low.
Bear with me as this is my first monthly favourites! Lets start with skincare.

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march glossybox

March Glossybox Review

I get so excited everytime a Glossybox arrives! It feels like a little treat to myself, I get so excited in the unveiling of the box too. Same as last month, I like to upload my review fairly late as you might be considering signing up to Glossybox or that you want to try one of the products that was in the box this month and I really like to try out the products and see what I reach for the most.

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5 favourite highlighters

5 Favourite Highlighters

I like to dabble in cream and powder products depending on what my skin is saying. Cream products can be quite tricky and sometimes best put on before applying foundation. However I do find they give more of a natural finish this way and that staying power. As my skin can become quite oily throughout the day, creams seem to work well and not separate or transfer so easily, depending on the product. On the other hand powders really do give more of a gleam on top of my foundation and much easier to apply especially in my morning routine.

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