• Highstreet weakness

    Highstreet weakness

    As I have a tendency to visit Superdrug on my lunch break, fairly frequently. I mean Boots I’m still you’re number one fan, Stan. There just isn’t one readily near my work and I think its time I just admit defeat and sign up to a superdrug card. I’m pretty sure I had one before but it’s well overdue for a new one. I mean think of all the points! anyway… after yet another trip I felt like it was one well worth it. I could feel it in my bones and that I was SUPER excited for was Sleek’s latest launch of their cream contour kit.

    highstreet weakness

    I’ve been lusting after a cream contour palette for so long, I’ve seen a few on the market but I’ve been patiently waiting for a drugstore palette that I’m not going to be too upset with if it doesn’t work out. 1:00pm came and a speedy walk down the highstreet, through the doors and to the end of the aisle. There it was, just waiting for me, knowing I would be there to collect it. I picked up the light palette but I could tell that in wasn’t going to be light enough to really highlight with but still well and truly hopeful.

    After getting it home and testing it out a bit I’m still not 100% sure on how to use it correctly but the palette did come with a little card of where to use each section on your face (pretty handy right?). I’m not sure on the highlight/lighter shades as I really do need a super light shade. I am loving the darker shades for contouring, using my 301 real techniques brush. Then buffing that out with my buffing brush as the 301 is very dense which is perfect for picking up cream as it is quick thick and hard to get out of the pan. I’m pretty impressed with the palette but I think I need to experiment a bit more with it before I’m totally happy with it.

    sleek contour kit swatches



    I couldn’t leave the shop without buying something else so having a mooch around, I picked up the Loreal studio secrets smoothing resurfacing primer. The reason being is that my skin is just so difficult, one thing that really is peeve. After spending so much time and money on make-up for it to just slide around for face for the whole day or  disappear into your skin and become all textured. It’s just not acceptable, in a chance for it to behave I’m on the hunt to test out more primers. I absolutely loved the revlon primer but it kept getting clogging everytime I used it. SO seeing this I thought yessss this will be the one. I do quite like it but I’m yet to feel that its made a huge difference to my my make-up application so I haven’t really been reaching for it. But I have to admit I’ve used other primers instead of this, maybe because it is a pot I feel its a bit gross to keeping using my hands and scared of spreading bacteria. I do love the formal as its so creamy and whipped making it a dream the apply and my skin feels so smooth.

    The last item I picked up, is something that I’ve been eyeing up for a while. Literally every time I see it and then think yes but not today. Does anyone else have this? I’ll always go back to certain products and never end up buying them. So I finally decided to pick it up, give a couple of them a good swatch and settled on this one. Its the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour, I really have to state that liquid lipstick has never really appealed to me. Everyone had been going crazy for them all over the internet but my dry lips wanted to stay well away from that hype. Then I swatched this and ohhhhhh wow, its so buttery and velvety that is in no way drying. I had to get it and try it out…. I’ve literally worn it everyday since. It stays on for so long and looks so natural that it can be worn with any look. Utterly perfect for me. It does wear down throughout the day but because its so neutral you can really tell and it wears evenly. Only annoying thing is that I keep it in my bag so I forget to apply before I go to work, so yes I’m going to have to buy another one. You know just incase I lose it and so I’ve always have one on me, then buy a couple of more shades because its a match made in heaven.

    revlon colour HD

    I hope you enjoying reading this post! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of the products in this post of have any recommendations for my next visit to the highstreet!

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