• How to books you need in your life 

    How to books you need in your life 

    I can be a bit of a book worm. I just absolutely love books! And one day dream of having my own personal attic library. Much like this one, however in the mean time I’m still gathering my collection of favourites/keepsakes. Here are a few books that I’ve recently purchased some for beauty, food and design.



    I randomly came across this on Instagram, it was actually a post from Dita herself promoting her new book. I instantly had to get it, I thought why has no one said anything about this? I was so intrigued as to how she does her make-up and hair in such an old Hollywood style, it’s a constant upkeep to maintain surely? It really is a unique, glamourised look. I just have to know all her secrets!

    So the book arrived, I never actually looked at the size or weight of the item, through sheer excitement. The size of the Amazon box, I thought was ridiculous?! Surely they could have put it in a smaller box as the book isn’t that big, opened the box and realised its actually huge, a coffee table book. I started flicking through and oh it was so beautiful! I haven’t read it cover to cover yet as it’s quite big, but you can kind of just pick favourite sections. I keep going back to the same sections

    There is such a variety skin care, make up, tools, exercise, diet , hair tutorials, hair removal, perfume. The list goes on!
    One thing that I was surprised at was that for some reason I had expected some form of dated methods or products hard to come by to achieve her look. However everything is pretty modern and current down to the products and application.

    Such an interesting and insightful read, especially if you love a glamorous look.



    I love Jamie Oliver, I always remember him pushing for better school meals and healthier diets. Honestly, I’m only just now starting to get it and understand food. I was on the hunt for a new cookbook, I wanted fresh healthy recipes and good intentions, I’d seen this book and started browsing through and was loving all the recipes, especially breakfast as I really need to get into a healthy start to my day. His recipes look so delicious, are clearly laid out and gives you a table of calories, fat, sat fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fibre, how long it will take. Which really is crucial if you need to keep in check your sugar levels or need more fibre in your diet, if helps you stay on track.

    Although this is a cook book and Jamie provides a variety of meals, a fair amount of veggie ones too ! (my main reason I bought the book). He also includes a section ‘live well’ sharing his insight into nutrition and lightly touching on key topics such as organic food, milk, sleep etc. If you are looking for healthier eating habits and wanting to educated yourself a bit about nutrition, diet and lifestyle then this is definitely the great shout!


    This book seriously revolutionised my beauty experience. I read it cover to cover and could not put it down. I think I could re-read it again and again as there’s so much information it’s nice to keep refreshing your memory. I love the tone of voice, it really does feel honest whilst your reading. All I kept thinking this is legit. It does also help that I’ve seen so many beauty bloggers reading it and thought… a big hype about a book must mean it’s a must-have.

    Sali, if you don’t already know is a beauty colourist for The Guardian and writes, reviews tons of beauty products and really knows her stuff. In her book she covers a whole range of topics. You learn about your skin type, what suits your skin, how to cleanse, deal with breakouts, what products to use (as sali has tried so many). It’s really solid advice for newbies and some that are not that sure. I wouldn’t recommend or call this book a bible for an eccentric and I think the style quite modern, classy everyday working girl or guy. My favourite part of the book was learning skin type, teen beauty and acne. Even though I’m not a teenager, I feel this chapter would be so useful in hindsight. There is a chapter for everyone within this book and it wouldn’t be one you would throw/give away/borrow to a friend and they never return it after.


    As a designer, you really need to educate yourself and keep up to date. Learning new tools, ways of working, inspiration etc. Then I came across this, I literally bought it as the title in itself was hilarious and all designers can relate to. I mean it really is a struggle not to loose yourself when you’re constantly creating for someone else.

    In still working my way through this book as I’ve only recently picked it up, but i really do love a down to earth view and an honest and it really does get to the point about graphic design and how to act as a designer. Its also super handy for job advice, which avenues to take and opportunities that are out there. Shaughnessy really touches base on a lot of questions that I ask myself now and when finishing university. I would recommend this to the graphic designers that are graduating, freelancing or within a junior role. Plus it makes you feel like you’re not the only one with the challenging clients and how you can deal with that in a professional fashion.


    Do you have any recommendations ? If so, please leave any in the comments below

    Thanks for reading!



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