• Nu Beginnings

    Nu Beginnings

    I’ve definitely been more quiet than usual on the blogging front, but I promise I’m back for real and I mean business. I decided to do this post very spontaneously and for it to go live probably a few hours after writing it at 2.00am on a Saturday morning. So bear with me through my ramblings.

    I felt it was time I personalised my blog a little bit more, lets get to know one and another and do a slight life/blog update. I’ve recently started a new beauty business venture and this month I hit it full throttle. It’s been an absolute whirlwind so far and 2 months in and I’ve already seen huge results in my life. I’m not even sure if I’m allowed to go into detail but I’m not one for keeping a secret.

    I’ve partnered with a Global brand called Nu Skin to become a distributor of their products and its completely transforming my life and how I see the world. For years I’ve wanted to become a beauty blogger have my own real space but I’ve never know quite which way to go about it. I was really plodding along with it all, making a half hearted effort and then this opportunity finally spoke to me. I had been wanting to partner with brands for a long time but I knew of course I definitely did not have the following or I doubt one brand has even heard of me. Yet I was quite happy to recommend every product under the sun, spend my hard earned money buying their products and generating that company a couple more sales. Yet I saw none of this money, just a good nature to help guide someone in the right direction.

    Now this is still something I do, but now I get paid for it. I’ll never recommend products that I haven’t tried or that I know shows results. I’m really not that person, I like to really know whats going on and if something actually works. I’m still reviewing all my favourite products and brands I use, but I now have a new addition or should I say Nu ! I’m absolutely loving the products I’ve tried and there’s so many! I’ve finally written a review on a couple that should be going live tomorrow!

    I really can’t stress enough how much my life has changed in the two months I’ve been doing this. I took the plunge when I was on holiday with my boyfriend, I was sat on the balcony of our apartment over looking the sea and I just did not want to go home. Usually I’m all for this was nice but I’m ok to go home and get back into the swing of things but this time I thought… enough. I want to stay and be able to do this carefree. Without diving into too much detail, I finally contacted my friend who had been in the business for about a year. I sat there and said, I’m going to do what Kelcie does and find out more. I’d been watching her inspirational posts and I wanted more out of life. More time with my long distance boyfriend, more time to go out and see the world. Taste new food, try new things and live carefree for more than once a year. So I contacted her, signed up and never looked back.



















    Since joining, I’ve become a happier, positive person. As an introvert I would quite happily take a step back and wasn’t very approachable. I always had this niggling, toxic thought in my head that no one wanted to talk to me, I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself by approaching someone so I mostly hung back. Maybe I thought I looked cool or maybe I thought I’m not cool enough. It doesn’t matter. It’s gone, all of it. Of course I’m still working towards being positive and pushing negativity away in my life but I’m so far from who I was. I’m no longer a shadow or accepting being average. This opportunity has pushed me and changed me in ways that I never even thought possible. Its made me wake up and realise, if not now then when? I set myself goals everyday, listen to positive motivational videos and push myself. I can not tell you how many amazing people I’ve already spoken to, finding out what their story is and what they’re doing in life. Regardless of whether they want to join me or not, I find it so refreshing and interesting.

    I’ve spoken to so many bloggers, something that I really struggled with for such a long time. I just never knew how to approach anyone and find out more in the business. Only through the occasional YouTube video and even then I couldn’t have all my questions answered. Now I’ve actually spoken to a few people, its incredible what I’m learning and what we’re learning from each other.

    The reason I’m writing this, mainly because my whole space will be constantly changing and developing, coming up with new ideas and to reach out to people more. If you’re reading this, don’t be afraid to connect with me on here or on social media. I started writing this to say I’ve actually launched a Facebook page with regular updates ! and I hit 200 likes already ! It’s amazing what you can achieve with a positive mindset.

    Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful day!

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