• Pamper Preview

    Pamper Preview

    Recently I’ve had the pleasure of discovering some a-mazing products. Of course, I’m always slightly more sceptical at first with products that have rave reviews showering the internet… Then I took the plunge, invested myself and woah mumma its good. I mean really good, like why didn’t I know about this sooner?

    So, I bought the ultimate set of bestsellers.. although there’s so many more products I have my eye on. Its dangerous.. for my bank account but I want that clear glowing skin though. Back to the set, I purchased the Nu Beauty Box which offered a whopping discount on a lot of the bestsellers of the company Nuskin. I thought, fantastic, a great starter and pamper set to see what the company offers and save some £££. Today I’m only going to cover a couple of products within this set as I have an overwhelming amount to say about the products.

    Polishing Peel

    Now I remember a fair amount of time ago my friend raving about this product, honestly.. I thought nah the other zillion products I have are probably a lot better… even though I’m not even sure if some of them have actually done anything. I mean being ignorant really did cost me a lot of time that I could of solved my major skin concern.

    The product acts like a microdermabrasion and sloths away all those nasty dead skin cells. You know those pesky ones, that sit there and clog all your pores throughout the day. Well poof this product gets rid of them. It’s pretty much my ultimate skincare product at the moment. I know it’s worked wonders on my skin, as its super soft after and my pore size has reduced. I’ve also seen so many girls acne reduce after just a few uses and skin looking clear and fresher.


    Start with a make-up free cleansed face. Apply a pea sized amount to hand and apply to face. Make sure your skin is dry and apply the cream all over your face avoiding delicate areas, such as the eyes and undereyes. As these need extra special care. The product is creamy but can dry quite quickly so apply a medium even layer. Then wait for it to dry but not to stiffen. If the product becomes stiff just give yourself a spritz of mouisterizing mist.


    To remove the product *This is where the magic happens* use your hand to buff off in circular motions. Until all the product is removed. You will see the product ball up onto your hands and flake away. Taking the dead skin cells with it. Horray!


    Glacial Marine Mud Mask

    I’m sure you’ve seen countless amounts of shameless selfies with the mud mask on by now. There’s a reason why! This mask is amazing! I must admit when I first tried it, I thought.. mmm just another mud mask, well the first couple of times I trialled it. It wasn’t until I used this straight after a squeaky clean shower and a well cleansed face, I thought i’ll try it again.

    This was literally my revelation moment, after using the mask. I looked in the mirror and I could actually see everything had been pulled out of my skin. All those nasty, underneath the skin spots that just wouldn’t budge had come to surface. It was amazing and of course.. slightly gross.

    The revitalising clay mask with sea botanicals works by drawing out dirt and impurities from the skin. It contains extremely fine mud particles and leaves skin feeling fresh, renewed and healthy-looking. The best thing about this mask is that it can be used for so many different things, its even been known to work on bites !


    Apply to a clean, dry face using a brush works best to get a even coverage. apply evenly all over face or to spot prone areas.


    Use a damp flannel with warm water to remove throughly. *tip use a dark flannel as the mask may stain anything pretty*

    If you’re interested in purchasing any of these products please feel free to message me!

    Thanks for reading!

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