• Raved skincare – My night-time routine

    Raved skincare – My night-time routine

    Although recently my posts have been about makeup, I am a real skincare addict. My skin can be quite difficult at times from being a whole combination of things in different areas makes it tricky when I use products as they can really go one way or the other.

    Recently I’ve really gathered a collection of some of the most raved about skincare products. Some I could only dream of getting to try. So lately it’s been such a luxury at nighttime to do my routine. Which I’ve relatively stuck to! Now that’s saying something as I’m definetly more of a apply everything in the morning kind of person.

    When I’m being soo ‘on it’ my skin really does pick up and I now truly believe in a good skincare routine. I found a good starting place of what works for me, plus I find rave reviews good as you want to be spending money on products that are really worth it. Even if they are cheap, I don’t want them sitting gathering dust, I don’t like to waste money on things that aren’t worth it for me.

    My skincare voyage first started when blemishes started to get out of hand. My make up wasn’t applying correctly and I’d had enough. Seriously had enough with it and decided to start dedicating time to finding the best solution. Then I bought Sali Hughes’ book Pretty Honest which I’ve previously spoken about here and it changed my skincare regime by following Sali’s skincare crib sheet and learning why each part is important for your skin.

    nighttime routine

    Step 1 – Cleanse

    Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel £29.50

    First seen in my review post from my Cult Beauty Box. I love this as it really feels as if my skin is getting that deep cleanse and removing all my make up at the end of the day. It never dries out my skin and it doesn’t make it feel super tight. It leaves it feeling soft and nourished. Sometimes I will use this in the shower so it will foam instantly but I also love using this straight onto dry skin and really working it in then removing it all with a soft flannel.

    Step 2 – Exfoliant

    Pixi Glow Tonic £18

    If you haven’t tried this, it’s probably the most affordable within this post at £18. I still think this is super pricey for a product that is essentially a toner. The magic to this though is that its an exfoliating toner, clearing away all your dead skin cells. As liquid exfoliants are a recent revelation to me and using the grainy products with the small beads in, are a thing of the past! This gives you glowing, illuminating fresh skin but its best used at night time due to the ingredients taking away your dead skin, you do not want to expose your fresh skin to the sun straight away. I find this helps a bit with the texture of my skin and my make up application becomes a lot smoother the next day. However I use this with a slight bit of caution, 2-3 times a week but if my skin is acting up then it would be a bit more frequently. As this helps clear up some of my spots, during outbreaks.


    Step 3 – Serum

    Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair £50 30ml

    This is by far the best product I own. As you can see this is a sample size or ‘travel’ size that my Nan kindly gifted to me along with a few other products from Estee Lauder. I was so excited to try this as I’d heard sooo many rave reviews. Especially as it is only a small bottle, I had to keep use to a minimum and wouldn’t use this every night, although I’m not sure if I would use this during the day as the serum can be a little heavy. The point when I knew that this was working, when I stopped using it for a while and my skin changed back to the beginning of disaster stage. Does anyone else have this? When you’ve been doing really well with your skin and then you’re not sure if its a product, diet or general lifestyle that has made this improvement. Then you start to believe that your skin has always been this way. This is what happened and I stopped using this product and then it happened… that back lash of I thought we had a deal skin, you’re meant to always look that smooth radiant glow and not the tell tale signs of binge watching the a series on Netflix the whole weekend. Then I started using this again and it’s this product thats the holy grail to my skin at the moment. I really wished it wasn’t, I well and truly wish that a cheaper product was my holy grail so It doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket when I buy it, but its soo worth it. So whilst on holiday, I decided to pick up a 30ml bottle at the airport along with a couple of other products. Which is great as I won’t be shying away from using it every night.

    Step 4 – Eyecream

    Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye £40 15ml

    I’m not 100% sure on whether using an eye cream really works wonders but I just hope that it pays off and that it can’t get any worse. When I use this I find that its one of the very few eye creams that doesn’t irritate my eyes and it really keeps them hydrated and stops the wrinkling underneath so my concealer doesn’t crease straight away. I’m unsure whether it’s made any difference to the dark circles  under my eye but I’m pretty sure thats genetic and something that probably won’t ever change. This is also another product I picked up in the airport as I wanted a bigger size plus it came with the advanced night repair serum, which was an added bonus. nighttimeroutine

    Step 5 – Oil/Night Cream

    Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil £85 30ml

    I use this oil 2-3 times a week. I always can tell the difference when I use this as my skin evens out in texture and any fine lines really reduce in size. Plus I find my pores are definitely less visible, it really does just make your skin look and feel much healthier, clearer and brighter. I’ve previously talked about this in another post here. When I’m not using this, I usually opt for The Body Shop Vitamin E oil in serum or a heavy duty moisturiser.


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