• Sephora Haul

    Sephora Haul

    On my recent trip to Rhodes, I discovered a Sephora. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Sephora before, mainly because we don’t have them here in the UK. So I went a little mad with spending as I definitely took too many euros.

    Sephora Haul 1


    Peter Thomas Masks

    I’ve seen so many rave reviews on the pumpkin mask, so I thought I would give a few of them a try and theyre so cute and travel size. Perfect as I really do not have the space for three full size tubs. yikes.

    I used the cooling mask when I was slightly hungover and my skin was looking and feeling dehydrated. I have to say I was slightly underwhelmed as it was pretty much clear and lightweight so it didn’t particularly feel much like a mask. It did go a little bit stiff once it had dried but I doubt I would repurchase this in the full size. It’s times like this when I really appreciate a travel size.

    The pumpkin mask was something I was dying to try and with any hyped product, you expect instant magic. The mask is slightly grainy and thicker in consistenty than the others in the pack. I remember liking it at the time and thinking it was pretty good but since then I’ve found a better version… So I haven’t been exactly reached for this again.


    Sephora eye masks

    I’ve only ever tried a few sheet masks and was really interested in trying a couple for my eyes. Mainly to battle the dark circles and keep them looking fresh. So far I’ve only used one of the masks and I have to say it was quite nice and you get plenty of serum in them. Although I did find it was sliding down my face a fair amount so I’m not sure I’ll be investing anymore into these, but it’s definitely a nice little treat on a pamper day.


    Exfoliating disc

    I picked this up on a whim as I thought it would be quite nice to try this on getting rid on blackheads as my skin always seems to have a lot of texture issues in that area. It’s pretty spongy and soft but I’m still a bit apprise side to use it as I’m worried it might do more harm than good. We shall see on this one!


    Estee Lauder Advanced night repair serum

    The next three items are not actually from Sephora,I bought this in the airport. It was something I had been wanting for a while as I love this serum but only had this in the small sample size. I have wrote previously about using this here.

    products_sephora haul

    Estee Lauder Advanced night repair eye

    I also covered the eye repair in a previous post here.


    Estee Lauder moustierzer

    I’ve quite intrigued to use this. I currently have the day time cream so I’m interested to see if this is any good buttt i doubt I’m going to use this for a while as I don’t want to open my new box yet as I still need to get through my mini travel size skincare and then I’m moving onto the box. yay!


    Make up


    Too Faced Born this way foundation

    I first tried this on my mums hen weekend in manchester, I was super tired and slightly hungover when I wondered over to Debenhams and found the too faced counter. They actually don’t have one in my area and I would have to go into London to just look and tempt myself. There are a lot of products that I like to see in person first and try them on, see how it looks on my skin. Especially foundation, I’ve have too many bad experiences of having the wrong foundation shade or it being completely not what I expected. The regional manager did let me know that there should be a stand coming to Lakeside soon! For those of you within the Essex area wooooo!
    SO yes the first time I tried this on, I loved it. I mean it looked sooo beautiful on and I was so sure that this would be one of those foundations that everyone raves about and then you try it and are like… erm excuse me where is my perfect skin? But I was actually like oh helLO perfect skin. Bonus. After the woman had made me up, we realised after that they actually didn’t have my colour in stock. It was a bummer but certainly not a waste of time. As I knew, one day I will buy this and it will be glorious. Fast forward, I’m in sephora and theres and Too Faced concession but also… an Ultra HD concession. I’m lingering around the Ultra HD. Trying the foundation on the back of my hand, picking up other products. But I’m not totally convinced, I mean there was a shop assistant near me but she didn’t help me and I felt a bit like. Err ok then, I’ll have a look around and then I’ll come back. The Too faced assistant asked me straight away if I needed help. I mean she even did me a full ‘free make over’ as I was buying the foundation.
    Loving life, it makes my skin look so flawless and doll-like and it has a slight dewy, glow to it thats just perfection. I think this is my new favourite as it has a medium to full coverage that isn’t too heavy on the skin, which is what I’ve been searching for as some fuller coverage foundations seem to just break me out. Since buying this product, I’ve pretty much used it every day since. Which I’m pretty grateful for seeing as I have about 15 different foundations, which end up back in the draw after a couple of uses. This is different as it stays on most of the day, needing powder in my oiler areas and my chin as I’m quite prone to leaning on it during the day.


    Sephora 365 brush

    Whilst having my ‘full face’ of make up applied the assistant was using this brush. I hadn’t really seen anyone use a brush like this before. It applied my foundation in three sweeps. A-mazing, and then to lightly buff in. I think it’s my new fav, seeing as I’ve pretty much used this to do my make-up non stop. Ditching the beauty blender as I’m short for time in the morning. Highly recommend this brush, it doesn’t shed, super soft but little bit denser which helps build a medium coverage. Perfectttt.

    Sephora glitter glue

    I’d definitely seen this mentioned over the blogosphere. Then I saw it on sale in Sephora and thought why on earth not. Considering that I didn’t particularly need it as I do have my urban decay primer, which was perfectly great. This is definitely for something that really needs that extra stick, maybe the less pigmented eyeshadow and you can’t bear to part with it as it’s such a pretty colour in the pan but on the lid it just slides off. *tip: wet the brush first* this is your lifesaver for those extra long days and you need that shimmer to stick where it is. I’m loving this and can really feel the power of it. I lightly dap this all over my lid but only need s tiny amount as it really does last. It can go slightly tacky but I prefer that, it means ‘we’re in business’ and those eyes are going to last all day, especially in this random heat wave.

    Anastasia beverly hills dip pomade duo

    I definitely thought this was the pomade waxing product when I picked it up. Slightly disappointed that it was a powder as I find the wax products work best on my eyebrows and the powders can look a bit to cakey. Never mind, I’ve been using this regardless as I really don’t like to waste things and plus I thought I might as well give it a go. It’s not a ride or die product for me but I mean it does do the job and I reach for it everyday, im just not excited about it really. Mainly because I’ve been having to use a pencil underneath and really need to repurchase my soap and glory archery waxy pencil. Now that’s my ride or die.

    Sephora eyeliner in nude

    I’d seen a fair amount of people use mainly white eyeliner for the lower waterline, in aid to brighten their eyes. I tried it once and the eyeliner came straight off and was pretty scratchy. It kind of put me off and I find white can be too bright at times. Then I saw someone use a nude liner and thought, hmm maybe I should try this and everytime I did my eye make-up I just kept thinking about it. So naturally when I saw this I had to buy it. It’s super soft and creamy which is perfect for my waterline and it really does help open and brighten my eyes!

    Mac lipstick in velet teddy

    I’ve literally admired this for so long. My friend bought this agessss ago, everytime she wore it, I was just obsessed i loved the colour and needed one. I just never got around to buying one. Then next thing you know, they’re sold out everywhere and everyone’s raving about it. I walked through the airport, saw the Mac counter and thought right, that’s it. I’m getting it and we’be been best pals ever since. It’s super creamy and has a slightly browny pinky nude colour which is perfect for a bronze look. I pretty much wore this the whole holiday and then after.


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      So jealous of this haul everything looks so good! I need to find a Sephora one day! XX


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