• Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat Review

    Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat Review

    As a rather lazy individual, I am guilty of many things. One of those is not deep cleaning my brushes regularly. I mean I have a couple of the similar style brushes and move onto the clean and stare at the dirty ones piling up day after day. Basically I do not enjoy cleaning my brushes as it take foreverrrrr and I saw sigmas brush cleaning mat online, I held out for a good few months with not purchasing it. I saw the glove things and then real techniques have one or coming out with one. I thought I’ll get something else I can’t justify the money.

    Then I caved, I literally kept it in my amazon basket and just thought ok. Buy.. and didn’t think about the price again. In all honestly I didn’t really know what to expect I just thought it will make cleaning brushes a lot quicker.












    I expected the mat to be a lot bigger than it actually is. Im not sure why and I never check the size of anything when I order online. However once I put the mat in the sink, it is actually the perfect size. It sits perfectly. The mat comes with suctions which really makes it stay put whilst washing, perfect!



    The mat has several sections, one half is for face and the other for eyes.  So one for larger brushes and the other for smaller brushes. Both break down to wash, refine and rinse. then there’s an extra Refine in the middle, which I really feel gets into the hairs.
    Each section really did work its magic! There is defiantly a difference to each section as it has completely different pattern and texture making it SO much easier to clean each individual brush. I did find for certain brushes I needed to use the extra refine section for a deeper clean. This worked really well.


    I timed myself and it took 15-20 minutes roughly and usually it takes me a lot longer as I really like to do 2 washes and then rinse etc as I never believe they’re really clean or they look extra dirty.

    Sigma mat and clean brushed


    9/10 my brushes are super clean! Im really pleased with this product and would recommend. The reason I didn’t give a 10/10 is because the price is pretty steep and I’ve only used it once. However if you are thinking about buying this, I would highly recommend.



    I hope you found this helpful! Do you use this or something similar? what are your thoughts?

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